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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is meant to repair the badly damaged or decayed teeth instead of removing it. As the term ‘Root Canal’ indicates, it is the process of cleaning of the canals inside a tooth’s root.

Root Canal Treatment

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

with the advanced dental procedures, we are now offering Painless Root Canal Treatment. Local anaesthesia will be injected before the process of root canal treatment. This controls the pain and patients can easily cooperate with the treatment.


What is the purpose of Root Canal Treatment?

Teeth contain dental pulp. The pulp is connected from the visible part of the tooth to the tip of the root in the jawbone. The tooth pulp comprises blood vessels, nerves, and connecting tissues. If the tooth is decayed, cracked, chipped, or damaged the bacteria may also affect the tooth pulp and it may cause severe infection. The bacteria can even lead to a tooth abscess, leads to pulp death, bone loss or even tooth loss. Due to the severe damage, the symptoms like gum swelling, toothache or tooth pain, and temperature sensitivity will appear. To resolve this, dentists suggest root canal treatment to repair the damaged teeth instead of removing it.


Single visit Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is nowadays being offered in single visit this will be decided based on the condition of tooth after checking with xrays… Single Visit RCT process involves cleaning, shaping, and obturation. The obturation is filling and sealing the tooth with RCT material. This is the most reliable process, and this treatment will generate quick results.

The process of Single-visit RCT vs multiple visits RCT is decided by the dentist based on the requirement. A multiple-visit treatment includes medication for a short time, such as calcium hydroxide, and the time gap between cleaning, shaping, and obturation varies.


Root Canal Treatment: Procedure 

State 1: Assessment and initial clean

Initially, the decayed or damaged teeth will be identified and the treatment required teeth will be numbed. Later, the dentist makes a small hole on the numbed teeth to clean it up for further treatment. Antibacterial solutions will be applied to clean up the damaged area of the teeth.

Stage 2: Follow-up clean and medication

In the next stage, the dentists will thoroughly clean damaged teeth to remove all the remaining bacteria from the teeth. In this phase, dentists may check the teeth’s condition using an X-Ray. The X-Ray is used to check the length of your root canal to certify that the full canal is cleaned

Stage 3: Filling the root canal

After the complete removal of bacteria dentists will move to the next step, filling the root canal.


What is the rotary system in root canal treatment?

In Rotary endodontics RCT treatment, a hi-tech electrical handpiece is used to clean, shape, enlarging canals better and more professionally. The instrument tips are made up of nickel-titanium, those are flexible for use and a better option than stainless steel. Using the rotary system, the treatment will be faster and most efficient than the traditional methods of RCT.

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