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Best Dental Implants Surgery in Kukatpally

Best Dental Implants Clinic in KPHB

Best Dental Implants clinic in Kukatpally

Move towards a complete oral health recovery. Get high quality Dental Implants from Danta Vaidhya for better looking teeth and overall oral health.

Dental Implants are surgically placed in the Jawbone at the root of a missing tooth and are made of materials like Titanium or Zirconium. They act as the support for single or multiple artificial teeth. Unlike other Dental fixtures, Dental Implants stay stably in their position and cause minimal damage to the jaw or the bone. They provide superior support in chewing and assist the patient in attaining a clearer speech.

Who can get Dental Implants?

How the surgery is done:

Surgery to place Dental implants usually requires the surgeon to make a hole in the gum and in the jaw bone. A metal post is placed in the hole which serves as the root. After the bone heals and blends with the Dental implant post, new artificial teeth can be fixed on to it. The process takes several months but can be a healthy solution for long term.

Post Surgery:

Slight swelling of face and gums can be expected after the procedure. Bruising of gums and skin, pain at the surgical site, and minor bleeding are common. Antibiotics will be prescribed by the Dental surgeon for period of time after the surgery to reduce the risk of infections. Eating soft foods is generally recommended by the surgeon till the time the wound is healed.

Contact Danta Vaidhya for Dental implants Surgery. Our expert Dentists will guide you through the whole process until you regain perfect oral health.

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